This is an industry we are doing very well in and it is growing more and more – 

The modern world is fast changing with a strong focus on sustainability and the inclusion of some Renewable Energy (Green) Sources in Power solutions.

As part of these changing times Power Generation is fast developing with a mix of Energy Sources being used to provide ‘Hybrid Power Solutions’ to the market.


CJ Perry is focused on maintaining our Locally Manufactured ‘conventional’ Robust and Reliable Industrial Diesel Generator Sets and combining Modern Innovation to incorporate PV Solar [ Renewable Energy ] for a ‘New Range’ of “Industrial Hybrid Diesel & PV Generator Sets”.

This New Range from C Perry will combine tried and tested ‘Conventional Power Generation’ together with ‘Renewable Energy’ and offer our customers the following features and benefits:-

Reducing Diesel Fuel Costs

Reliability of Supply

Access to Power in Remote Areas

Avoid Power Interruptions

Further developments are possible moving forward which include Combining other Energy Sources such as Wind Turbines OR Batteries for Energy Storage.