cjp bore genGenerators for Electric Bore Pumps

An electric generator and an electric bore pump is frequently a more economical and easier to manage system than a diesel bore pump. But selecting a generator for a pump can be difficult because most diesel generators are not designed for the high starting current requirements of pumps. To make this easy we offer a range of generators which have been designed to match the requirements of common bore pump motor sizes.

CJ Perry manufactures its generators in Australia to suit Australian conditions. They and are built to order (typically 2 / 3 weeks) and can be customise to suit your requirements.

There are options of external fuel tanks to increase running time or delayed start boards where the bore pumps run on demand (allows the generator to get up to speed).  If you would like us to quote on a generator then please email us the details of your requirement including electrical load (eg 55kW submersible pump) and any specific requirements (eg standard mine spec with centre lift) and we will select / design a generator for you.